Send Direct Message to Supplier

How often, while preparing your flights, do you need to search for email addresses or phone numbers to connect with ground services providers at airports? Now you don’t need to spend any time searching: MarketPlace platform collects all the information in one place and allows you to send messages to service providers directly from our free-to-use MarketPlace.

Search information on MarketPlace platform presents 40 000 airport locations sharing more than 37 000 providers’ contact details

Direct Message to Supplier

If you want to ask questions or clarify details about fuel, handling or other services, just sign in,  click on the envelope icon next to the relevant supplier and simply write your message in the pop-up box. Your message will be sent free of charge and you will receive an answer from the service provider directly to the email address indicated in your account.


When you are ready to send a request to your chosen service provider, click on the ‘REQUEST BUTTON’ and complete the quick and easy order form, then checkout; your order will be delivered free of charge directly to your chosen service provider.


If you have already placed an order on MarketPlace then visit your ’REQUESTS’ where you can view and cancel orders as well as send messages directly to the service providers. Details of your original request will automatically be included alongside your message. You will receive an answer from the service provider directly to the email address indicated in your account.

Direct Message to Supplier

To get contact telephone numbers go to the Airport Page, select service provider and click ‘CONTACT DETAILS’. A pop-up will appear with all the available information. If you want to call simply click on the service provider’s phone number.


This simple but crucially important MarketPlace functionality connects you to service providers around the globe easily and immediately.

Read more about MarketPlace Rewards program


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