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Marketplace History

From the very beginning, Marketplace platform has connected pilots and operators with service providers globally. 5000+ providers and 8000+ members are already benefiting from being part of Marketplace community. Learn more about the company history and how you can benefit with Marketplace.

Unveiled in May 2017, MarketPlace was launched upon the solid foundation of cooperation between RocketRoute and Air BP, which had initially created the RocketRoute Fuel App in October 2016. Marketplace has been developed according to what pilots and aircraft operators told us they wanted from the App; to be able to order all the services they require for a trip via one straightforward, intuitive, convenient app which would save them time and money.

Meeting these needs moved a step closer in October 2017, with the creation of an all-inclusive platform that supports any service provider which can present its services interactively. Now you can easily order fuel, ground handling, catering, transportation, cleaning, permits and other services via Marketplace by Web or Mobile. The new app was a resounding success, and the platform continues to expand and develop naturally along the exact same lines. Marketplace is shaped entirely by the needs of our customers and the competitive edge of our service providers.


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