Next time you fly, get rewarded for it. Earn up to 1% Cashback

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Refuelling and ground handling are essential to trip preparation, so why not collect rewards each time you tend to them? Marketplace Rewards gives you up to 1% cash back on trip expenses, plus exclusive offers. Sign up now and get access to exclusive offers from FBOs, Handlers and other suppliers.

See our FAQ for levels of rewards to be earned
  • What do I need to do to start earning rewards?
    Visit Marketplace via the web, iOS or Android and complete the simple registration process.
  • How do I get rewards?
    Place an order with any provider where the RocketRoute Rewards mark is shown. rocketrout marketplace rewards logoHere are some example of the rewards you can earn through Marketplace: Order fuel at selected locations through Marketplace and earn 1% of the base fuel price, paid in US Dollars.
    Order Handling at select locations through RocketRoute Marketplace and get $2.00 back each time. Use App2Drive for car hire through RocketRoute and earn 1% of the invoice value. Use RocketRoute Concierge services and receive a 1% rebate on your RocketRoute charges. Your rewards points will be added to your account every calendar quarter, based on completed orders.
  • Which fuel locations does the reward program operate in?
    You can find the current fuel locations operating within our Reward programme here.
  • How do I find out how many reward points I have?
    RocketRoute Rewards will keep you updated with quarterly statements showing you the reward point total, when the rewards were applied to your account and when they will expire. As soon as the rewards are issued, each calendar quarter, you can choose how to use them.
  • How can I use my Rewards?
    You can have your rewards paid quarterly to a bank account. The minimum value for payment is $100. Rewards will accumulate quarterly until the payment threshold is reached. Alternatively, you can convert your rewards into credit to be used in the RocketRoute Shop for software subscriptions, charts or pilot consumables in the RocketRoute Shop.
  • Will my rewards expire?
    RocketRoute Rewards points expire 18 months after they have been added to your account. You can leave the rewards in your account to accumulate, giving you time to decide how to use them. You will get quarterly reminders about expiration dates.
  • Do I need a RocketRoute Flight Planning account to earn RocketRoute Rewards?
    No. Simply sign up for Marketplace and you’ll be all set to start collecting rewards, as well as gain exclusive deals and offers from FBOs, Handlers and other suppliers.


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