RocketRoute MarketPlace is celebrating its first anniversary

In May 2017 RocketRoute, with the support of Air BP, launched MarketPlace, a revolutionary platform for arranging fuel, handling, transportation, catering, permits and other services. Ordering with MarketPlace is the simplest process imaginable. It enables pilots and aircraft operators to save time and money.
We are delighted to celebrate MarketPlace’s first anniversary and proud to list our substantial achievements.

Three MarketPlace Achievements

  • 40,000+ airports, 35,000+ vendors locations and 10,000+ pilots and operators are connecting together on one MarketPlace platform
  • 70% of pilots who use MarketPlace are likely to refer the platform to a colleague
  • During this period more than 1,5 million litres of fuel have been uplifted and 4,000 handling request placed via MarketPlace.

Marketplace – The Future of Aviation

We expect to far exceed these numbers in the upcoming year, as more fuel and handling providers become available on the platform. Last year Air BP as the launch partner and preferred supplier were the only fuel provider on Marketplace, but we are now extending the number of fuel locations from 1,200 to 4,000 worldwide to meet our users global needs. And that number is set to grow. The following fuel suppliers are now connected to the platform: Jetex Fuel, AvFuel, Continental Jet Services Fuel and EuroJet Fuel.

With MarketPlace everyone has direct access to conveniently ordering and managing all services including fuel, ground handling, transportation, catering, overfly / landing permits, security briefings/risk assessments, aircraft detailing and more. The platform grows daily as we add new vendor locations, update information about airports and providers, and increase the number of suppliers. Our user base also continues to grow as more pilots discover and use MarketPplace on a daily basis to meet all their trip needs.

What is really important to us?

Pilots and operators: they create MarketPlace. Our idea was to give everyone direct access to conveniently ordering and managing all services including fuel, ground handling, transportation, catering, overfly / landing permits, security briefings/risk assessments, aircraft detailing and more. The core of Marketplace is customer orientated. What is important to you, is important to us, hence we conduct regular surveys and speak with hundreds of users. We are thrilled that lots of pilots and operators now use Marketplace every single time they fly. And we note all feedback and suggestions. We are making Marketplace invaluable by tailoring it to what you want it be.


Steve Woods, vice-president of MarketPlace commented: “MarketPlace has exceeded expectations entirely because of our users, and we cannot thank you enough. We hope and believe you will continue to order fuel and handling using MarketPlace, which we will continue to expand and refine. Please feel free to send us feedback at any time – it’s what keeps us on the fast track to success.”

Become a Partner

The future looks even brighter.

Right now, MarketPlace has been configured to accept any service or service provider. We are currently working with a number of very varied providers and fully expect them all to come onboard. If you are a vendor or service provider, you can find your company on or read about how to join us on our Partners Page.

MarketPlace was launched by leading aviation services company RocketRoute, with support from Air BP, last May. This February, newly-formed investment vehicle Alyssum Group acquired RocketRoute as part of its long-term strategy to transform the entire private aviation industry. In time, Alyssum Group, owner of jet charter provider Victor, intends to integrate Marketplace into a connected digital ecosystem that will service all within private aviation – this includes customers, charter brokers, operators and suppliers.

More features and possibilities will be unveiled during EBACE 2018. Arrange a meeting in advance!
Contact us: or +44 2071 932813.

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About MarketPlace

Unveiled in May 2017, MarketPlace was launched upon the solid foundation of cooperation between RocketRoute and Air BP. The MarketPlace enables pilots and operators to connect directly with thousands of ground handlers, FBOs and aviation providers worldwide. Within seconds, business and private aviation customers can source and view any service provider at a particular airport, then simply select the services they require and complete an order.

MarketPlace provides a platform for literally thousands of providers offering services such as fuel, ground handling, catering, transportation, cleaning, permits and many more. Pilots and operators can order services via MarketPlace on computer, tablet or even phone. There is no charge to the user. The official website


About Alyssum Group

Alyssum Group is a newly-formed company attracting robust corporate and private equity investment as it aims to connect a wide variety of important stakeholders within the 
hitherto fragmented general aviation sector. Through major investment and acquisition Alyssum Group will create a digital marketplace servicing the entire aviation community – customers, operators, brokers and suppliers. This long-term commitment to consolidation and innovation can help dramatically raise business standards across the industry and accelerate market growth that benefits all.

Alyssum Group’s portfolio currently includes global private jet charter marketplace Victor and leading aviation services and flight-planning business RocketRoute. Alyssum Group was founded in January 2018 after a $38m Series B fundraising round for Victor in 2017. Including key institutional investments from BP Ventures and BBA Aviation, the investment round facilitated a corporate restructure with Victor re-positioned as a wholly owned subsidiary of Alyssum Group. RocketRoute’s acquisition followed in February 2018.


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