• First time on Marketplace? How to Register

Go to signup page; add your information including base airport, email address, name and password. To add more information go to your account. Please note that you need to add aircraft details and billing details only once; all information is saved for future orders. After registration is finished you can easily arrange fuel, handling, ground transportation, catering, permits and other services at the location you needed.

  • What services can I arrange using Marketplace?

Marketplace platform gives you access to 42 000 airports worldwide and 37 000 vendor locations. Using the platform you can preorder fuel, ground handling (PPR, Slot, Parking and many more), ground transportation, catering, permit, cleaning and other services. You may also send a personal request to a vendor using the additional fields in requests.

  • What fuel prices does the MarketPlace show me?

You will always receive the pricing that is related to either your account with the fuel supplier or the general price offered to MarketPlace users based on the airport where you are purchasing fuel. With Air BP for example Jet customers (both new and existing) will benefit from lower than PAP pricing at physical Air BP locations. You will also benefit from ease of access, convenient payment methods, the opportunity to offset carbon emissions (Air BP exclusively) and pre-request fuel.

  • Is there a minimum spend with the App?

No, there is no minimum (or maximum!) spend – the app can be used by all pilots and operators, big and small.

  • How does the credit card payment work – will I need to register the card and pay against that, or will it be real time usage?

You will register your card(s) when signing up and this is a simple process. Cards can then be used in future. Once you place an order a hold is made on the credit card but no payment is taken until you have fuelled.

Yes, each aircraft is set-up with a specific fuel grade.

  • Is the fuel supply still limited to Air BP?

No, from 2018 the MarketPlace, in relation to fuel, will work with a large number of suppliers including Air BP, Avfuel, Jetex and Continental Jet Services with other brands to be announced. Today Marketplace presents 850+ fuel locations courtesy of Air BP and over 450 Avfuel locations. New fuel locations: 1600+ with Jetex fuel providers and 290 fuel locations with Continental Jet Services. We will be adding more fuel providers in the future.
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